Manuden Minis


Minis are from the ages 5-8.  

Sessions will be structured and organised with the emphasis on fun and learning.  There is a lot of lace tying and sometimes it looks like organised chaos - but its lots of fun for all involved.

The Mission is to introduce the children to football and learn some basic skills, Have some fun and get to show off their new shiny boots.  Some games with local teams may be organised throughout the year but largely the children will play each other and have fun!  Boys and Girls are welcome

With great facilities at the Manuden MUGA all weather pitch.

In 2019/20 Minis will be run by our head coach Ross Kitteridge and James Free.  2 of the most highly skilled highly trained coaches at the club.   With so many badges between them this is the best place to start and for your child to hone their skills

Coaching Team 

Coach: James Free

Bio: I am currently assisting in the coaching of our U9’s team and hold a level 1 coaching badge which I completed in November 2018. 

I support our main ethos which follows that of the FA player development. We feel it is important to support the social and phsycological aspect of our young players game. As long as the children are having fun this gives them and us time to develop their technical and physical attributes.

Most of our training sessions are broken down into game related practises which emulates real matches, by avoiding lines, lectures and Laps I believe we keep football fun and interactive. 

I have a passion for football since a young age and still play 2-3 times a week (just about). 



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