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Manuden Under 11s - Wasps

Training is once a week and the games are played 9 a side on Sunday mornings.  This is a non competitive age group and the league tables will not be published.

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Royston Crow


Wednesday 5.30 -7.00


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Head Coach: Julian Betts

Hi, I’m Julian, manager of the Manuden Under 11’s. This is my 2nd season with the club and I have fallen in love with it. Amazingly excited to have a UEFA badged coach heading up our training and teaching our boys.

Both myself and James have our sons in the team so are as much parents as we are coaches and therefore realise what an important part of the development of your children these formative football years are. We encourage an inclusive and personal relationship with our parents who we view as an integral part of the set up.

Our philosophy is very simple – to teach children the core skills and to build lasting, individual relationships within a strong team ethos. Above all we want to give our boys the freedom to enjoy their football to the full. We unashamedly concentrate on the positive and discourage constant shouting. We try to teach the boys to learn and understand the game not just follow instruction from the side lines. Some of the best days of my childhood (and indeed my adult life) have come from being part of various sports teams and I want our boys to leave Manuden with not only improved football ability but also, importantly, the life/social/team skills to enjoy the unique camaraderie that sport can bring.

A devoted Spurs fan


Assistant  Coach: James Free

I am currently assisting in the coaching of our U11’s & U10s team and hold a level 1 coaching badge which I completed in November 2018. 

I support our main ethos which follows that of the FA player development. We feel it is important to support the social and phycological  aspect of our young players game. As long as the children are having fun this gives them and us time to develop their technical and physical attributes.

Most of our training sessions are broken down into game related practises which emulates real matches, by avoiding lines, lectures and Laps I believe we keep football fun and interactive. 

I have a passion for football since a young age and still play 2-3 times a week (just about). 


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